As per a belief “the best investment is the investment made in education ; the project was supported by ZTE Telecom India Pvt. Ltd. and SP Singhla Constructions Pvt. Ltd. under their corporate social responsibility. The Government Primary Schools of Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh were opted to avail the benefits, under which the entire school infrastructure was renovated and provided with modern toilet units (separately for boys & girls), potable (RO & UV treated) water supply, joy rides, better sports equipments, and better furniture. The final aim of this project was to improvise the quality of education in the Government Primary Schools.

Health and Sanitation

VSA is working the remote areas of Uttar Pradesh on the issues of women and child related aspects of health and Nutrition. Programs are designed for providing nutrition to the Mal-nourished children. VSA works with the Anganwadi workers for their capacity building


VSA is working with several women Self help groups to ensure their livelihood. The women are from rural areas and are own small farms but face difficulty in various agricultural practices in the input as well out side.VSA helps them across the value chain.

CSR Projects in rural area

VSA is working with several CSR- corporate companies to implement the projects at the ground level. VSA has worked with coroparates like – Huawei, HDFC Ergo, SIDBI, etc. to help the needy and vulnerable community. VSA has received several awards for their sincere efforts and involvement at the grassroots level.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

VSA supports the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and works with Government, corporate and community to establish Toilets in the remote and rural areas. The quality of Toilets are ensured so that they are used by the community in the long run.

Join Now…

Development work cannot be done by single agency and therefore we call different stakeholders like Government, Corporate and community leadfers to join hands with VSA so that we can help the community in a collaborative and results based manner.